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An Artist stepped into a new world called “Motherhood” and totally lost herself exploring it, that she forgets everything else. One day she realized that even though life is so beautiful! still It is not complete, something is missing. I realised and I wanted to complete it. but circumstances didn’t allow me to step out of the door, so I opened the windows. It was a beautiful morning; a bright sunshine was falling on my study table. I realized what exactly I am missing. Without art, an artist doesn’t even exist. That bright sunshine was a refulgent of hope, strength and encouragement which inspired me to create a virtual platform to showcase my Art. That’s how Refulgent born in 2008. Refulgent is the imaginative application of art and science.

Little dose of Indian Art!

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My Sketches & Paintings

Whether watching movie or listening my Favourite playlist, I always like to sketch something on white canvas. It is favourite time pass and I always find it very relaxing & enjoyable. If you like to see more sketches, please check my another website and click on the button.

A small byte of my script

Above video is a small byte from the show "Salam Namaste with Papiha". I worked for this show for a small duration as associate script writer in 2017. Writing scripts is also just one of my hobbies but I discovered my content writing skill when I started designing my website. I realised, only html tags, css, javascripts, even if you have a huge portfolio, still not enough to complete a website. We need so much content writing. And I just started writing and I discovered I have the ability to write.

"Salam Namaste with Papiha" is really a beautyful bollywood music show. If you want to watch this show you can visit https://www.papiha.com/.

Clay to Spirituality

I started clay sculpturing in childhood as a hobby

Ganesh Idle 2015
My Poems and Stories

Writing poem is in my blood as my dad is a professional writer but Writing is just my hobby not profession but thoughts automatically come when I am fully immersed into a particular mood. Sometime I even go one more step further and I write songs and even compose them into beautiful rhythmic tune.

If you like to read my hindi poems you can visit my another website.My Poems
Valuable Clients

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